Split Mount

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This 6” x 8.5” (152mm x 216mm) Split Mount Block is ideal for water spigots, gas lines, bib lines and door bells. Manufactured of fibre cement with an ABS flange, this will help finish off the home’s exterior. SturdiMount is the only fibre cement mounting block with the “recommended by James Hardie” approval.


  • Arctic White (AW)Arctic White (AW)
  • Autumn Tan (AT)Autumn Tan (AT)
  • Cobble Stone (CS)Cobble Stone (CS)
  • Khaki Brown (KB)Khaki Brown (KB)
  • Light Mist (LM)Light Mist (LM)
  • Monterey Taupe (MT)Monterey Taupe (MT)
  • Navajo Beige (NB)Navajo Beige (NB)
  • Sail Cloth (SC)Sail Cloth (SC)
  • Sandstone Beige (SB)Sandstone Beige (SB)
  • Woodland Cream (WC)Woodland Cream (WC)
  • Woodstock Brown (WB)Woodstock Brown (WB)
  • Timber Bark (TB)Timber Bark (TB)
  • Primed (P)Primed (P)
  • Arctic White (AW)Arctic White (AW)