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Mid-America Gable Vents offer key features that have become the benchmark in the industry. Our patented snap-on trim ring provides a beautiful finished appearance once the vent has been installed, hiding rough cuts and reducing installation time. Each gable vent, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, has more Net Free Ventilation Area for optimal venting than industry standards for enhanced energy efficiency. Mid-America gable vents provide added architectural detail with their wood grain finish and sharp distinctive features.


Installation is easy with our wide nailing flange, levelling lines, adjustable stop gauge and snap-on trim ring. A wide variety of functional and decorative gable vents is available. Functional vents have a double baffle design for optimum aesthetics and protection against adverse weather. The sealed-in fiberglass screen offers complete insect and animal protection.

Standard Gable Vents

Choose from eight styles and the most colour choices in the industry. Our full colour offering will match dozens of manufacturers’ siding colours.

Designer 30″ Round with Keystones

Designer 28″ Round

Round Top Gable Vent

21″ x 27″ Oval

Octagon Gable Vents

Round Gable Vent

Half Round Gable Vent 34″ x 22″

Standard Rectangle & Square Gable Vents

Classic Style Rectangle Gable Vents

Specialty Gable Vents

Our Specialty Gable Vents provide the most unique looks, along with superior ventilation and energy efficiency.

Style-A-Vent Gable Vents

Get maximum Net Free Ventilation Area with several styles customisable for size and number of louvres.

Custom Rectangle and Square Vents

Custom Triangle Vents