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Contractors love working with Mid-America Siding Components for their outstanding product range, depth of selection and easy installation. Our contractor-friendly innovations include snap-on trim rings, multiple locking positions and efficient nailing guides for speed and maximum profitability. With Mid-America, your homeowner customers gain an outstanding, quality finished home along with maintenance-free kerb appeal and the peace of mind of a limited lifetime warranty. Our versatile solutions enhance various architectural styles with both new and existing homes, adding colourful dimension for a full array of cladding, from vinyl and fibre cement to stucco and stone veneer.


If the windows are the eyes of a home, shutters are the makeup that provides a beautifying touch.

Shutter Tops

These delightful elements allow shutters to precisely match unique window shapes.

Shutter Accessories

Shutter accessories are designed to provide the finishing touches to your home.

Door Surround Pilaster Kit

Door surrounds provide impressive distinction that immediately adds depth and visual interest for an entryway and facade.

Mount Blocks & Utility Vents

With dozens of selections, our Mount Blocks and Utility Vents have every need covered, from components designed for fibre cement siding and insulated siding, to jumbo-sized blocks.

Gable Vents

Mid-America Gable Vents offer key features that have become the benchmark in the industry.

Specialty Shapes

Signifying attention to detail, our Specialty Shapes distinguish a home with exceptional dimension.

Roofing Accessories

Our series of roofing accessories ensures optimum ventilation, superior weather protection and great looks.

Dentil Trim

Dentil Trim elevates exterior class with attractive, clean geometry, creating textured depth and visually-interesting interplays of light and shadow.


SturdiMount products are the first fibre cement mounting blocks manufactured using James Hardie XLD Trim.

Window Headers

A handsome traditional accent for any window.