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Why Choose Mid-America Siding Components?
We value and understand the impression made by a home’s façade. Our versatile and comprehensive range of exterior décor products creates vibrancy with colour and dimension that help define the character of a quality-finished home.
Our products are available in an industry-leading colour palette and a wide variety of sizes and styles. They add stand-out appeal to new homes, complementing a full range of siding materials and architectural styles. For existing homes, Mid-America offers complete rejuvenation, with touches of sophistication that can transform a home in just hours.
With Mid-America, homeowners rest assured with beauty and functionality that are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They also enjoy maintenance-free living, never having to paint or perform maintenance.
From door surrounds, sunbursts and trim, to shutters and vents for any part of the home, Mid-America delivers a quality finish with superior efficiency. Our patented innovations allow contractors, architects and homeowners to perform simple, fast and clean installations.
Beyond our products, we also stand for sustainability and quality customer service. From our offices to our factory floors, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact with recycling, re-use and energy-saving initiatives. Our products themselves qualify for LEED and other green building certification credits. As an industry leader, we also take pride in our customer service, with order accuracy, on-time delivery and fast, responsive assistance.
We help you complete the details of your home.