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With dozens of selections, our Mount Blocks and Utility Vents have every need covered, from components designed for fibre cement siding and insulated siding, to jumbo-sized blocks.

UL Listed Electrical Mount

Our UL® Listed Electrical Products with integrated electrical mount allow the electrical connections to be made over the top of the house wrap.

Electrical Block

Jumbo Electrical Block – Centred

Jumbo Electrical Block – Offset

Super Jumbo Electrical Block

Insulated Siding

We meet the growing need of the insulated siding trend with these specific blocks and vents that offer more and deeper locking positions to allow for thicker insulated-type siding.

4″ Hooded Vent for insulated siding

Master® Exhaust Vent for Insulated Siding

Split Block for Insulated Siding

Original MountMaster® for Insulated Siding

Jumbo Mount

Utility Vents

Our full range of exhaust vent products takes into account both optimum exhaust airflow and optimum aesthetics, meeting needs for new construction and remodeling.

Mount Blocks for Fibre Cement Siding

To meet critical siding needs, our Mount Blocks for Fibre Cement Siding, take into account the importance of water management, versatility for a range of manufacturers, and realistic wood graining.

4” Hooded Vent

Split Block


Horizontal Recess Mount


Standard Mount Blocks

From extra-small to super-jumbo, our comprehensive selection of versatile mount blocks is designed for beautiful looks and simple, efficient installation to give homes the highest-quality finish.

Original MountMaster®

Jumbo Mount

Super Jumbo Mount

Slim Line

Meter Block

Jumbo Meter Block


Mini Mount Pre-cut

Split Block Mini

SurfaceMaster® – Dutch Lap

SurfaceMaster® – 4″-10″

SurfaceMaster® – Triple 3”

Recessed Jumbo

Recessed Square

Recessed Mini

Recessed Large