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Providing a water management solution, SturdiMount blocks are easy to install and provide a clean finished look more appealing than alternative methods. A full line of mounting blocks is available and listed here on our website.


The pre-flashed, pre-assembled mounts are manufactured of fibre cement with an ABS flange. Easily installed, they offer the versatility to mount everything from dryer vents and coach lights to hose bibs and receptacle outlets. The line is available in 12 colour-matched colours, plus paintable.

Receptacle Mount

This 6” x 8.5” Receptacle Mount Block is ideal for electrical boxes.

Split Mount

This 6” x 8.5” Split Mount Block is ideal for water spigots, gas lines, bib lines and door bells.

Universal Mount

This 8.5” x 11” Universal Mount Block is ideal for standard lights and dryer vents.

Oversized Mount

This 8.5” x 15” Oversized Mount Block is ideal for coach lights.